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Fall is in the Air

Normally the approach of Fall is heralded with cooler mornings. The same can be said of New Mexico, but there is a much different sign from most of the country that we experience. You know Fall is approaching in New Mexico when you hear the blast of the propane heaters and the air is filled with the scent of roasting green chili. My bike route takes me past Garcia's Mexican Restaurant where every year they roast their own stash for the year. Every morning there is a panel truck parked there with sacks and sacks of chili all waiting to be tossed into the tumbling roaster. I breathe deeply as I ride through the scent cloud. My mouth starts watering as visions of smothered burritos dance in my head. It's just one of those special local traditions I have grown fond of. Perhaps I'll go get a sack roasted this weekend to share with my friends. I have yet to do that in the 9 years I have lived here. Usually someone else goes through the trouble and I end up with a few bags which is enough to get me through the year. We'll just have to see how motivated I get.
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