Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Great Chile Adventure

I finally went and did it! On Saturday Kitty and I went to a local vegetable market and bought a bag of chile. They roasted it right there and we took it home still hot. The Furmobile smelled wonderful! Then the fun began! Kitty had the chore of peeling off the roasted skins. We immersed the warm chile in ice water which made the skins pretty much full right off. At first I was the one to remove the tops and seeds, but I started falling behind in the dicing and bagging so Kitty took that task as well. Once we got going, we were a well-oiled chili processing machine. I can't remember if we bought a 25 or 30 pound sack. What we ended up with was 62 5-oz bags or 310 oz or just over 19 lbs of processed chile. It took about 5 hours for us to complete the task. So now we're official New Mexicans. The next task will be to take all of the chile and turn it into tasty green chile stew, make sausage and green chile pizza, or like tonight, chili con carne. *drools*
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