Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

You Have The Right...

There has been a question bouncing around in my skull since I saw the video of the police state known as Minneapolis during the RNC last week. This question has also been raised by a few friends on my FL who have had run-ins with the law over the past year or so. The question is a simple one; what rights do you have when you are dealing with the police? The answer seems to be quite shocking to me since it appears that the answer is "none." From all indications it seems that you can be walking down the street, a cop can stop you, and you can be taken in for no reason at all. You might not be charged, but you can be thrown into a cell or fucked with at their pleasure, and you can be tossed back out onto the street with no recourse. I hope to doG I am wrong about this, but the evidence seems to support this. I want to know if we are in fact living in a quasi-police state! To me this is scary as hell! I have no real love for the police to begin with because I feel they are no longer out there to "protect and serve" the general law-abiding population but rather to defend "THE LAW" which is extremely subjective. You may not have committed a crime, but we can charge you with "conspiracy to commit a crime." You're walking down the street in a fursuit. Hmmmm. You're "disturbing the peace."

Can anyone help me out here? I have seen the video that the ACLU has put out regarding what to do if you have a run-in with the police, but I am wondering if there is a definitive list of "your rights" when it comes to the police. The ACLU website is no help. It seems to be a mess of links that all end up at the "donate now" level. Perhaps the Chris Rock video about dealing with the police is more definitive. *grins*
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