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The Target Suits -- review

Hullo, everyone!

As mentioned in an earlier post, Target is selling cheap fursuits. Most are selling for just over $100 although there is one going for around $300. Since I am a total fursuit slut, I thought I would order one to see how good they were. There was also a somewhat altruistic side to this because I felt that I could order one and pass on the findings to those thinking about it but not willing to risk $100 on it. I placed and order for Hungry Wolf since it was one of only a few that offered an XL size option. All others are "one size fits most." Service with Target was great. The order was placed on Saturday evening and the suit arrived today.

The review can be summed up very simply as "you get what you paid for." This is not necessarily a bad thing! The overall quality is extremely good! As a fursuit, I would not wear it around a con. But as a sleeper or perhaps a suit you wouldn't mind getting dirty or a suit you would like to experiment in having a bit of "fun" in, it's definitely worth the money! I suppose the other question would be, "would you order another one?" The answer would definitely be "Yes!"

I ordered the XL which was a great move for someone my size. The costume came in 4 parts; the head, the body suit, and 2 foot paws. The body suit just fit my 6' frame. So if you're shorter than 6' with a 42" chest and waist or less, it will fit you very comfortably. I have no idea what size the regular "one size fits most" would fit.

The body suit is very soft like a plushie. The hand paws are attached. I have very large paws and they just barely fit. The closure is with velcro. The tail is not very wolflike, but it does have a tail. The head fit my massive noggin' quite well. It's like wearing a plushie on your head. It's completely soft with visibility through the eyes. Those are the only holes so it tends to get quite warm. There was a surprising amount of detail to the head. I'm surprised that more suit makers don't employ this technique more. The head is very squishable and yet has form. The feet paws are also pretty cool. They are like large bean bags for your feet. My size 12EEEE feet easily fit inside. They can be pulled up way over the ankle with the tops staying in place with elastic. The soles are made of very cheap vinyl material. They would be fine for indoor use, but I have a feeling they would fall apart after a couple of uses outside. If used as a sleeper, they would last awhile.

So in conclusion, we're not talking about a high-quality product, but a product with a lot of value. If you were considering getting one, I would do it. Be careful, however, because in some descriptions they say "foot coverings" aka spats, as opposed to complete foot paws. If you're looking for a fursuit to use as a sleeper, these would be just fine. I bought an open-faced animal sleeper for just under $100 last year. Add in the foot paws and the full head and the price would be comparable to this. So there's the review. Here are a few pics.

Ooops. Zipper wasn't all the way up

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