Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Yotie in the Yard

Yesterday Kitty told me that we had a coyote in the yard. The backyard has 2 different areas; an upper part which is not landscaped and a lower part where all of the grass is. The 2 are separated by a 3-foot wall of railroad ties topped with a 3-foot Mesa-proof fence to keep the dog in the yard (which is less than 100% effective.) She said that the yote was in the upper part of the yard. All of the pets were inside at the time. I guess this shouldn't surprise me since I have seen a yote in the neighbor's yard and the other neighbor had his poodle attacked a few years ago.

This morning I was enjoying coffee on the patio when a neighbor dog started going nuts. Mesa assumed a "ready" position and started scanning the hills. A yote came trotting by about 10' in back of the yard. I quietly watched to see what he would do. Soon a muzzle popped over the wall (which is only about 3' high) and we exchanged looks. Mesa finally saw him and started going nuts. The yote made a quick retreat. He looks pretty thin and scraggly. His tail is also very thin and unimpressive. I have seen a couple that were very well-fed with tails that would rival a german shepard's.

I certainly love to just sit out on the patio during the weekends and watch the wildlife with which I share this area.
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