Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Otto Gig

I had a gig as Otto the Otter at the State Fair on Friday. Unfortunately the new suit hadn't arrived yet, so I was stuck with the old one. It was "environment day" so our office had a table set up along the main street of the fair. Overall it was a very good event. I spent 3.5 hours in suit without a break (except for drinks). I think we gave away more Otto the Otter coloring books in an hour than we have in years. The kids really loved getting the books and seeing the character right there in front of them. I think I really impressed our public affairs person. Hopefully that will get me more gigs in the future. She was also a very good handler in terms of being my voice.

About the only bad incident happened right before I was about to de-suit. I was pounced by a class of 3rd or 4th graders. Things started going downhill when the tail pulling started. Then they tried to rip off my hand paws. Then they tried taking the head off. There was no teacher to be found. Grrrrrr! One co-worker was busy giving a presentation. One co-worker was off on a break. A third co-worker was just sitting around. I took refuge behind him. My new nickname for this doofus is "tits on a boar" because that's just about as useful as he was. The fucker just laughed as I was being molested. Finally one of the bigger kids in the class spoke up and said, "Leave the otter alone!" I grabbed the kid and used him as a shield. Bless him! He protected me from his classmates. I could have hugged the stuffing out of him, I was so grateful! Finally the dumb bitch teacher showed up and rounded up the class. I popped my top in the back of the truck and yelled at my idiot co-worker, "Thanks a whole fucking bunch!" He got all angsty and stormed off. It's not that he did anything to help out all day. My other 2 co-workers had been pissed at him the whole day since he wasn't helping out at all. It's not that I expected him to have any handling skills, but it was clear that I was in trouble. It turned out that the co-worker on the break was sitting not too far away. She had a plate of food on her lap and was talking to our regional office on her cell. She was trying to get the idiot's attention to make him help me. Thank doG that he works in a completely different division than me so I don't have to have any dealings with him. He is definitely on my shit list.

Oh. Have a pic or 2.

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