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You Otter Be in Pictures

Today was Day 3 of my Otto the Otter marathon fursuiting session. It went a lot like yesterday only the vibe I picked up from the kids was much more positive. Yes, there was still lots of tail pulling and eye poking, but more kids seemed thrilled to have a mascot there. I passed out soooo many hugs that it wasn't funny. I gave into a few girls who wanted to adopt me for their very own although they were overridden by their teachers.

For all of the bad stuff that happens, there are those moments that make it all worth while. I decided to go visit the kids while they were eating lunch. I had no idea where they would be set up since it's up to the teacher. I walked passed a co-worker who asked how everything was going. At that very instant I heard this chant of, "Otterman! Otterman!" I looked up to see a section of the stands filled with schoolkids all chanting that phrase. OMG! I was in heaven! I worked them like a mascot at a sports event! All that was missing was for me to get the wave started! I relish that vibe. *murrrrrrrs*

The dismissal at the end of the day was unfortunately very efficient today. I tried to say goodbye to as many as possible, but it was hard. I was pounced for hugs and high-fives right and left. So for all of the poking, prodding, and tail pulling, it was all worthwhile. I left the stadium on such a high! So yeah, it's hard work. I don't think I could do this on a regular basis. I do it because I am a furry, and nothing more. I assume a fursona and run with it. I cease to be me and I become an anthro critter. I don't need more. It's all good.

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