Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Thanks to the dvd revolution, so many old shows are available again to watch. Back when I was 10, "Space:1999" was the "cool" show for me. I was surprised that it was never shown again in syndication like "Star Trek." I guess it did make a brief appearance on A&E, but I never saw it.

The reviews I have read were interesting. Obviously there were quite a few folks out there like me who said that this show was an important part of their childhood. Seeing it through the eyes of an adult, you may wonder why the heck you liked it so much as a kid. I guess my review would be very similar. We've only watched one disc so far. On the one paw it was pretty good sci-fi for television at the time. On the other paw, some of the science is just doG awful! Stuff that would go over the head of a 10-year old is painfully obvious to an adult with even a rudimentary understanding of astronomy/science. Add in a disco soundtrack, lots of 70's fashion, mullets and thick mustaches, and you have a lol-erific look back to the day.

I'm just waiting to get to the "jump-the-shark" episodes where they introduce the shape-shifter character. She was also a contributer to developing my furry side at that impressionable age. "She can turn into any animal?!? COOOOOOOOL!"
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