Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Furry Meets Sci-fi Meet

Last night Kitty and I hosted the weekly meeting of the local sci-fi club. This was our first meeting with the group, but Kitty is friends with a couple of the members. All in all it went extremely well. I grilled up hot dogs and hamburgers while the group geeked out about all things science related. They were hungry to hear the inside scoop on what Furry was all about. I gave them my best explanation and proceeded to show them my fursuit collection. They were quite impressed! They were also happy that I let them try on various heads so they could get an idea of what it's like to don a fursuit. Eventually I put on my new Target frog suit and sat outside with everyone. They were a wonderful group of geeks, many older than us! I definitely think we need to have a furry presence at the next Bubonicon which will be going on 41 YEARS! Their mascot is a rat. If I can get a fursuit made I would definitely be the con's mascot!

And a big happy birfday to fellow NM Furry scritchwuff! There was cake and ice cream for him last night as well!
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