Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Land of the Technicolor Yawn

Greetings from Franconia, NH!

Kitty and I have been totally out of touch with the Internet world over the last few days since we have been having way too much fun in real life. On Saturday we arrived on the east coast at the Hartford, CT airport. We then took a leisurely drive to the SW suburbs of Boston. On Sunday we walked the Freedom Trail all over Beantown. I was surprised that Kitty was all for walking the complete 3-mile trail. Weather was awesome and we saw all of the great historic sites we have only read about in history books. Dinner was at a neat little pub not too far from the aquarium.

On Monday we packed up at hit the road. We took Highway 1 up the coast through MA, NH, and into ME. HWY 1 was nice except VERY slow going through ME. Well, we also had to stop at the LL Bean megamall in Freeport. Many kudos also go out to linnaeus for recommending a little out-of-the-way seafood shack with incredible eats with a gorgeous view. What the guidebooks say should be a 5-hour drive from Boston to Bar Harbor took about 9. We got into town after sunset which isn't all that late since the sun sets around 5:30 at these latitudes. Dinner was at a nice seafood place where I had a big plate of fresh clams.

Tuesday was spent exploring Acadia National Park. It's a relatively small but scenic place. The scenery is extremely varied from ocean coast to rugged granite hills to quiet forest. We hit the Fall color peak almost perfectly. Unfortunately the weather was kinda gray, so the colors were somewhat subdued. It was still nothing less than spectacular! The highlight of the day was when I put on Nevada and did a little guerrilla fursuiting! That makes 7 national parks for me! I was mobbed for pictures by many tourists atop Cadillac Mountain, highest point in the park (and highest point on the entire east coast). I also got some nice shot of the bear enjoying the changing leaves. Pics to follow when I have more time. Dinner was at another seafood place where Kitty tackled a lobster and I enjoyed some crab.

Today was spent driving from the coast, across ME, and into NH. The entire landscape looked like Mother Nature swallowed a bunch of red, yellow, and orange paint and vomited all over the place. I have never seen such color! The weather cooperated too with bright sunny conditions. The day started with a nice 4-mile hike in Acadia. Yes! I got Kitty out on the trail! She thoroughly enjoyed the easy walk with the trees in all of their Autumn glory.

And now I sit next to a babbling brook just outside of our motel enjoying the dying light of the day. We'll be off tomorrow to the Furfright hotel with a stop at the Mt Washington Cog Railway. The forecast doesn't look all that promising, but we'll give it a shot. See some of you in a day or 2!
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