Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Back Home

Since my last post we have finished up our New England journey, hit a wonderful con, and flew back to NM. I'm once again chained to my desk keeping the Rio Grande flowing. The good news is that in less than a month I will once again be on the road heading to Chicago for MFF.

So how about some details? Well, as I had feared the weather turned really crappy after my last post. It rained and rained and rained from New Hampshire, into Vermont, down through Massachusetts, and into Connecticut. The Mt Washington webcam showed visibility of less than 20' so I will have to wait at least another year before making the trek to the summit. We did discover a most wonderful covered bridge in the town of Bath, New Hampshire. I'll post pics tomorrow if I can get everything uploaded. We also found incredible pancakes in the little town of Sugar Hill.

We arrived in Hartford fairly early, so we decided to kill some time at a museum. I have to salute Kitty for finding this place right in the heart of downtown. It had everything from Monet to Picasso to Warhol. We were a little hurried to go through, but we did see most of the place. Their cafe also served up a mighty tasty lunch! I must say it was a jewel of Hartford. I can't say that much about the rest of the city. It seemed like we drove through an awful lot of ghetto.

Furfright was a wonderful con. It was a terrific relax-o-con where I had a chance to actually meet and chat with folks. Once we became familiar with the lay of the land, we had no problems in finding food or booze.

Highlights included guerrilla fursuiting the adjacent Costco where Nevada received an official membership card (linked to my account). Speaking of guerrilla fursuiting, my panel on the subject went very well. I had a very nice turnout, and people seemed to like the topics I covered. I should also mention that Kitty and I hit up a little diner not too far from the hotel that had pictures of tilt_longtail and foxwell as well as a few others in suit as they ate at the diner last year. Just as we were leaving they showed up again this year with even more suiters in tow which completely filled up the place. Yeah, I think they liked us! The other restaurant nearby, a sushi place, was swamped as well for most of the weekend. Hopefully the financial contribution to the local economy will be noted and appreciated.

I would do shout-outs, but I don't want to forget anyone. I will say that it was wonderful to have finally met my brother bear grizz593 after about 4 years of communicating online.

Here are a few more observations about the whole New England trip:
1) What is it with you people and Dunkin Donuts?!? I grew up with the place in Chicago, but I have never seen so many donut places in my life! We also noted a large number of Curves fitness centers. Is there a correlation? Hmmmmm.
2) Maine drivers have this annoying tendency of coming to a complete stop whenever they make any type of turn. Stop it! You suck!
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