Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Zoo Boo '08

Saturday marked my 6th appearance as Nevada at the Rio Grande Zoo's big annual Halloween Party. This year there were 6 of us in suit. Whoot! Kitty wore her Kitty suit, gamegoth wore his wolf, his friend Crystal wore the Panda suit he made for her, scritchwuff was in his wolf suit, and xeltifon for Abbey Raccoon. Everyone had a great time. Most of us were in suit for about 2 hours. Even though the temps were nice and cool, there was no breeze at all which made things miserable. I knew when to call it quits when some teenage girls gave me a hug and all I heard was, "Ewwww! He's all sweaty!"

There were so many cute kids as usual. We had 3 fanbois for the morning. One was an annoying kid who constantly wanted hugs. I could never quite determine is he was a tard or not. There was one little boy in a Batman suit that thought we were just great, and finally there was a little boy who couldn't have been more than 2 who wore an adorable little skunk suit. It seemed that every time I turned around he was glomped onto my leg.

BTW, I am typing this post in my Otto Otter suit. I have a gig today for the Albuquerque Kids' Water Festival. So far the new suit is a big hit. My only complaint is that there is no visibility right below me, so I have no idea who is giving me a high five or a hug unless I look down.

Oh yeah. Have a few pics.

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