Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

2 Days of the Otter

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent Mon and Tue as Otto the Otter for the Albuquerque Children's Water Festival. This was the public debut of the new and improved Otto suit. People were very impressed with the new suit. It actually looks like an otter now! *lol* Kids were still calling me "beaver" and "chipmunk," but more were getting "otter." The more I work these events the more I pick up on kids' personalities. In every group there will be the classes that absolutely love Otto. I will get pounced for group hugs. Then there are the more violent classes where there's lot of tail pulling and eye poking. I need to modify the suit some because the visibility is just too good from the outside. I kept hearing "I can see you inside there!" Even though the kids are old enough that there's not that "magic" there, it does throw off my performance because I'm paranoid that I will be seen, ruining the illusion. Visibility is a problem to begin with. I don't want to compound that by not being able to look kids in the eye, especially if they're close.

Overall it was a good gig. There's nothing quite like getting paid to fursuit. I tried to teach the kids the "Office" exploding fist bump, but it didn't catch on. Kids really love to say "Peace out!" and they love it when I respond with a peace sign. I must be doing something right. When one of the festival organizers asked a class what they enjoyed the most during the day, many kids said, "Otto!" *smiles*
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