Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Great Halloween '08 Furmeet

It started off as, "Whoever wants to come on over and chill, please do so." It ended up as a full-blown furmeet with 18 guests who partied all night long. Let's see if I can remember everyone: xeltifon, mr_silvers, gamegoth, scritchwuff, ari_foxy, daeleo, rexar, skitzycat, two_pi_r, eaglem16, dragoncrescent, shajoni, Tesune, Nightrider, Soulcat, and Azo.

There was much pizza, beer, enchiladas, and of course CANDY! The theme of the party was "Everyone in a fursuit!" For the most part that was accomplished. I wore an open-faced Sully suit that I recently bought from badwox. Kitty wore her Kitty suit and later put on our parrot suit. Xeltifon wore his Target wolf, Aldo. Miracle wore his wolf. Scritch wore his wolf. Skitzy put on our Target dalmatian suit. Dae wore a Target lion suit. Bunny wore Abbey Raccoon. Tesune wore open-fced Tigger. Ari wore his Creepy Bunny. Soulcat wore Nightrider's husky partial.

Trick or treaters were few and far between this year. I'm thinking about blowing it off next year and finding something better to do. One parent commented that most of the houses on my block were dark. We, however, hopefully more than made up for the lack of houses by putting on a great show for the kids. At first we greeted the kids at the door. There's nothing like a bunch of large animals running toward the door to scare the bejeebus out of kids. *LOL* It then started to get too warm inside the house so we all went out onto the driveway. Parents were in awe of our menagerie. We received a lot of compliments. The best was a neighbor who said that we all REALLY knew what the spirit of Halloween was all about. His grandsons, aged 2 (dressed as an octopus) and 4 (dressed like a Transformer), completely and totally fell in love with the fursuiters. They were having a blast! Nothing makes a suiter happier than to hear happy squeals of joy. I should mention that the 2 kids proved a point I made during my Guerrilla Fursuiting panel at FF. For the most part it doesn't matter to the public if you have a $1000 suit or a $100 suit. If you perform well, you will make people happy. I say this because the 2 little boys were just in LOVE with Xeltifon's Target wolf suit. When they weren't running circles around him they were having fun with Scritch's wolf tail.

All in all it was an amazingly fun night. As promised I put scary movies on the t.v. all night ("Night of the Living Dead," "Midnight Meat Train," "Donny Darko," "Men in Black") There was lots of chillin' and chattin' as well as nom nom noming. We were pleased that everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Here. Have a few pics.

The gang enjoying the patio

It's not Pepper Pup, but for a $100 Target suit, Skitzy didn't mind. Even he said it would make a comfy sleeper.
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