Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Doggie Dash '08

Yesterday marked my 6th appearance at Animal Humane's big annual fundraiser. This year I invited scritchwuff to join me in his wolf suit. Conditions were very similar to Zoo Boo the previous week. Temps were nice and cool, but the Sun was brutal and there was hardly any breeze. Overall it was a great time. To add an extra challenge this year we also brought Mesa with us. Kitty would have had to handle 2 suiters as well as a dog, but thankfully xeltifon tagged along to help.

We visited all of the vendors that were set up to schlep their dog-related items. We were asked for photos with several vendors, so our pics might show up in ads down the road.

As I have mentioned every year after this event, interacting with dogs is a whole different ballgame than interacting with kids. Most of the big dogs were not happy to see us. It was the little dogs that were fascinated with us. This year the pugs loved Zunipup. Fellow golden retrievers were also happy to see me. Scritch had some nice encounters with huskies.

Another new facet to this year's suiting was that I actually participated in the dawdle. I did one lap around the park with Mesa on leash. I don't know how many times I heard, "Oh look! It's a dog walking a dog!" The only challenge was dodging various puddles of urine on the path.

Oh yes! Of course there are pics!

Look! It's a dog walking a dog!

Husky Love!

Cool paint job! Zuni wants pink and purple polka dots now!

And 5 seconds later Scritch had no face

And your name shall be Dances With Dogs

I believe you have some money for me.

Pug Love!

Zuni and Scritch will do anything for free coffee and scones.

Celebrity mascot shot!

Mesa Love!
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