Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Bush's Brain

During all of the election hoopla last night, I had a thought go through my head; What was George Bush thinking? If you listened to all of the pundits and even the candidates, we have just survived 8 years of Hell and we are now entering a new age. Both parties ran on platforms of CHANGE! The American people wanted change! Well, that must mean that what we currently have is pretty fucked up.

So what was going on in Bush's mind? I almost felt sorry for him. It was like he was standing there in a room and everyone was talking loudly what a douchebag he was. Did he get the message? He is going down as one of the least popular presidents in history. He obviously sees the poll numbers, yet he kept boldly plotting on his doomed course. Was it that he was a True Believer? He had his cause and his blueprint and he would be damned if anyone was going to change him? He alone held the key! He alone would mold the country into this shining image he had in his head. This is the scary point to me. He would ignore all other views that disagreed with his. There was his way, and the wrong way. You saw this in his administration. Those that disagreed with him were shown the door. Soon he was surrounded by yes-men. Did he ever get to the point that he became so delusional that he believed that the country was just hunky dory?

So now I have this image of a lonely man sitting in the Oval Office, completely pushed aside with his lame duck status. He is completely insignificant. He is Milton sitting in the basement with his red stapler. It's not as Shakespearean as Hitler sitting in his bunker while Berlin fell, but I see a country in jubilant celebration that in 2 months he will be kicked out. As I said, there is a touch of sadness with that thought, but he brought it upon himself. Hopefully he showed the Democrats the way to NOT govern a country. I will give our new leader all of the support I can in reshaping this country. I will give him his chance. That's all I can hope that all Americans can and will do.
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