Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Exit, Stage Right

Yesterday I decided to listen to both the right-wing and left-wing talk radio stations to get the view from the fringes. Of course the left station was in a total state of bliss. The right station was much more somber, but it was also very determined. I guess Rush was making ignorant remarks, but the hosts to which I listened seemed to have accepted the fact that the Republican Party screwed up. Much of the talk revolved around what could be done to unify the party for 2012. I think overall that they are missing the boat. It seems that the way to succeed is to more firmly entrench in true conservative values. Good old Pat Buchanan suggested that abortion should be the unifying issue to be played up. LOL WUT? We have a crappy economy, war, energy crisis, failing schools, and you want to make ABORTION the issue?!? Wow. If that's all you can come up with, Obama will be in office until 2016.

Overall we are a centrist nation. There are hardcore fundies on both the left and the right. The sweet spot is when you can capture that 40% or so in the middle. If you swing too far one way, the pendulum will swing back hard in the other. The middle-right, in which I would place McCain, will hopefully reject the calls from the far-right. The American people are not stupid. When we (Americans) start hearing things like, "Jesus is punishing America for its stand on abortion!" we know to head to the other side of the stage.

McCain had an uphill battle from the start. He was an old man running up against new ideas. If Biden had been the nominee instead, who knows how the race would have turned out. It was also unfortunate that McCain had to pander to the base instead of running a more moderate campaign. The same thing happened to Dole back in the 90's. Both men are statesmen who would do right for the country. I think that the Republican base is a little more entrenched than the Democratic. There are more of those "True Believers" that somehow this country is being looked over by God himself. Kinda scary. Just like Allah is watching over Iraq/Iran/Syria. We all know the problem of bringing religion like this into politics. Because now any action we take is blessed by GOD! How can we be wrong? We're following HIS will! So yeah, I hope this country can stay in the middle of the teeter-totter. It's a challenge, but the net result is hopefully good balance.
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