Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Day with Mom

As I had posted earlier, I went with my mom and a bunch of senior citizens from town to see a free showing of "Quantum of Solace." Yeah, it was a preview for me of things to come in about 20 years *lol* The theater manager was nice and let me in although I was ready to pay. The movie was pretty good. It was very typical Bond in my opinion. I was wondering how the seniors would react to the fast-cut editing that was prominent throughout. Even I hate that style of film making. To me it shows lack of skill by the director because he can cover up his mistakes/shortcomings with 1 second shots. My mom and her friends DID find it confusing and distracting. I was thinking to myself as we were leaving the theater if the seniors could appreciate James Bond. I then realized that when "Dr No" hit the theaters in 1962, all of the seniors would have been my age or younger! That's kinda scary! Will I be seeing "Saw XXX" when I'm a senior? *LOL*

The rest of the day was spent bringing my mom kicking and screaming into the digital age. Every t.v. in the house is 20 years or older. With the digital conversion happening in 3 months, she needed to get with the program no matter how much she hated the concept. The converter boxes would not work because the sets were too old. I told her I would take her to Best Buy and get her set up. We left the store with 3 LCD tvs. It was an early Xmas present to her from my sister and me. I spent a few hours getting everything set up and working. Unfortunately the one LG set I bought refuses to find digital signals, so back to the store it goes today. I think mom was impressed by the digital HD quality. I know I was for over-the-air signals. This is a cable-free house which makes picture quality an issue. I also had a heck of a time explaining the concept of channel 7.1 as opposed to just channel 7. I really lost her when I showed her that there were now 4 channel 11's and 4 channel 26's. Hopefully I set everything up so that it will be a no-brainer. Just enjoy the nice picture!

BTW, Kitty is now here safe and sound and we'll be heading up to the MFF hotel this afternoon. See everyone there who's going!

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