Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Phew! What a weekend! Since my last post on Wednesday I have been in "host with the most" mode. After posting I buckled down to cleaning up Fur Central. With a spotless kitchen we were able to get started on some of the prep work for Thanksgiving. It was a good thing I was still in con suite mode!

On Thursday the turkey (20 lbs) was put in the oven, the bread was baked, and the sides were prepared. By about 1:00 the guests started arriving. In all there were 16 of us including albear and dexter_fox who made the drive from LA via a stop in AZ. I really can't remember many of the specifics since I was in chef mode most of the day. I must say that the turkey was one of the best I have ever prepared. I almost didn't have to carve it because the meat kept sliding right off the bone. scritchwuff brought over a deep fried turkey, so there was plenty of meat. Between all of the beer, wine, and turkey, most of us fell into a coma afterwards. I'll keep repeating myself in saying how much I love my furry family.

On Friday it was off to see "Bolt" in 3-D. I thoroughly enjoyed it especially in 3-D. I think the last movie I had seen in 3-D was "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" back in 1983. My, how the technology has evolved! Once again I have strong furry bias, so I might not be able to give an objective review.

Saturday was a hang out day. furitz was in town so he came over to chill with us. After cooking Thanksgiving dinner and big "Sabot Special" breakfasts on Friday and Saturday, I was in no mood to do any more cooking. Pizzas were ordered and there was much rejoicing. The big accomplishment for the day was getting the Xmas tree put up. Yay! It's once again a very furry tree with over 90% of the ornaments being animal related.

This morning I said good bye to Al and Dex as they began their 12-hour trek back to LA. Now I'm in chill mode as Kitty entertains Fritz for awhile with shopping at the mall. I can't relax too much, however, because next weekend Mom, Sister, and Bro-in-law will be in town for an early Christmas visit.

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