Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Whale Wars

I wanted to just chill out and watch a little tube yesterday so I checked out what was available On Demand. I saw that they had episodes of the Animal Planet show "Whale Wars." I had seen a preview of the show at the theater as part of the commercials they have before the movie previews, and it looked mildly interesting. I decided to watch the first episode.

Basically it's a reality show that follows the group Sea Shepherds. They are a splinter group of Greenpeace that are too radical even for their parent organization. They devote their lives to prevent whaling by using civil disobedience. They call themselves "pirates" as they harass whaling ships. Since I only saw one episode I really can't comment any more on their techniques nor their success rates.

What I saw was a bunch of wide-eyed idealists tilting at windmills. They are all willing to give up their lives to save a whale. They are aggressive, but believe in non-violence. They are like Earth First but without the balls. I especially rolled my eyes when they were all happy about their vegan menu that was served on board. Almost nobody had any experience aboard ocean-going ships, yet they were taken to some of the most violent seas on the planet.

To me it seemed like a huge waste of time and effort. While I would love to see an end to whaling, their methods seemed pretty pathetic. If they wanted to be true eco-pirates, they should be out there sinking whaling ships. It seems that if you are willing to lay down your life for a cause, you should go all the way. To put yourself in such danger without effectively achieving your goal, seems pretty futile. I also saw something as a cult of personality as the captain was full of bravado while his young crew was willing to do whatever he wanted. It all started to take on a creepy sort of cult-like atmosphere.

I may watch another episode if I get bored. I used to consider myself an radical environmentalist. Heck, that's where Sabot Ours got his name. I guess as one gets older and wiser such things seems pretty foolish.
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