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Xmas Meme

While sitting in a church yesterday listening to Kitty sing with the ABQ Civic Chorus, I started thinking about what is my current favorite Xmas carol. I also started thinking about what my least favorite was. Pretty soon I had a whole LJ meme floating around my skull. So here ya go. Either answer here, post to your own LJ, or both!

1)What is your favorite Christmas Carol? "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire"
2)What is your least favorite Christmas Carol? "12 Days of Christmas"
3)What is your favorite novelty Christmas recording? "How the Grinch stole Hanukkah"
4)What is your least favorite novelty Christmas recording? "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer"
5)Favorite Christmas-themed movie? "A Christmas Story" (gotta love the pink bunny sleeper!)
6)Least favorite Christmas-themed movie? "The Polar Express"
7)Favorite TV Christmas special? "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
8)Least favorite TV Christmas special? I really can't think of one. I keep coming back to the Start Wars Christmas, though.

I can't think of anything more. Feel free to add more categories. Inquiring bears want to know.
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