Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


I'm feeling a bit under the weather this weekend so I have spent much of today curled up on the sofa watching the tube. I saw that one of the movie stations was showing the movie "Cannonball!". This brought back many fond childhood memories for me. I remember seeing this movie in the theaters when it came out in '76. Yeah, I was 11 at the time and it was an R-rated movie. You can see that the theater practiced strict age control. *LOL* Back when I was growing up I had 2 favorite genres of movies, disaster flicks and movies with lots of car chases. This was the heyday of both types of movies. Quentin Tarentino paid umbrage homage to the car-chase genre in "Deathproof" (which I found very lame). It got me thinking about all of the great bad movies I saw when I was an impressionable teenager. There was "The Gumball Rally" which took a more lighthearted look at the world of illegal coast-to-coast racing, "Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry" which had Peter Fonda running from the law, "Race with the Devil" which had Fonda running away in a motorhome from Satan worshipers. The movies became more mainstream toward the end with hits such as "The Cannonball Run" starring Burt Reynolds and his mustache. Ah! Those films all provided great memories for me.

It's also interesting to watch those movies now to see who played bit roles. I noticed in the credits that director Martin Scorsese played a mafioso in "Canonball!" I swore that his partner was Sylvester Stallone. His name was not in the credits, but a quick check of IMDB showed that it was, in fact, him that I saw.
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