Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Women and Children Last

It's Wednesday! That used to mean "serious LJ post day." It's just something that somehow seemed to happen. It's happening today! I was going to throw my $0.02 into the ring about the whole Israeli/Gaza thing, but I heard a debate yesterday with a pro-Israel person and a pro-Gaza person that kinda validated one of my ideas that they should both just blow each other up. Both sides kept playing the "women and children are dying" card. If I heard "women and children" one more time I was gonna barf. Since when does being over 18 and having a penis make so much of a difference?!?

In the days of chivalrous warfare, men fought men. The women only played a part later when the victors raped them. Children were enslaved. Do we feel better about ourselves if only soldiers kill soldiers? There we have it! Ideal war! How about leaders fighting leaders in a cage match? 2 assholes enter, 1 asshole leaves.

I was always taught that women should have the same rights as men. That was drilled into my head as a child and has been the norm in the Western world since. There are many female soldiers in the military. While I do believe they are supposed to be confined to non-combat roles, that's usually a crock of shit. So why should the loss of a woman make me feel so much more worse than the death of a man? Why keep bringing up the point that "women and children" are being killed. Even the children aspect is now a lame excuse. I have seen plenty of pictures of pre-teens running around with automatic weapons.

Seriously. Israel, quit building settlements where they shouldn't be and stop treating Palestinians like shit. Palestinians, if you want to not be treated like shit, stop the fucking terrorist attacks on Israel! The Jews are there and they ain't going anywhere. Deal! Just stop the killing on both sides! Women, children, AND men.
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