Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

For The Young At Heart

Kitty and I have been spending the past few days at her mother's retirement home. Her mom had heart problems back in Dec and she's still on the mend. For those that have visited nursing homes, you know that it can be a pretty depressing place. There were a lot of folks there that were perfectly fine, just old. There were some that were fine, but needed a little help getting around. Her mom was in that category until the heart problems. Now she is in the medical wing where all of the folks need a lot of help to just survive. We thought that a visit from Honey Bunny might cheer her mom up.

I suited up and walked through the facility. I could hear gasps of excitement as I walked by various rooms. I stopped by to say hello and pass out hugs to whomever wanted them. The staff was also very happy to see me. I did have a fear that I would mess up some Alzheimers patients either by causing dementia to appear real or by making them think that it was Easter time already. I don't think either of those happened. I made a lot of folks smile, which is the goal of every suiter. We always think that only kids would really appreciate fursuits. Nah. Everyone who is young at heart can appreciate "the magic."
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