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Return to Burque

Got back from my visit with wyldeside last night. I said goodbye to him after a big brunch at Denny's. I can really feel for him being a gay fur in west Texas. I could feel the eyes in the restaurant on us with him and his earring and me with my collar and "Bite Me" t-shirt. I'm still kicking myself for not fursuiting the little festival in Stanton. I could have done at least a 1/2 hour without dying from humidity. I will also admit once again that I am a total furvert. I truly enjoy bondage games while in fursuit. It's a major turn on to me to have a feeling that my fursuit becomes a part of me and that I can't be separated from it. Don't worry. there are no SPH's planned anytime soon.

It was about a 6 hour drive from Midland to Socorro. I enjoyed the drive. I saw parts of the state I hadn't seen before. I must plan a daytrip back up to Capitan, home of Smokey Bear. Once again, thoughts of fursuiting danced in my head. I showed up at tenax's house around 5. jeil_kitty was there watching nervously as Tenax tried to save his laptop. No dice. Tenax then popped another one of my cherries. I played DDR for the first time. I can see the attraction and why folks like badjahsensei use it as part of an exercise program. I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would. After a few games we headed over to the brewpub for dinner. I then took Jeil and his dead laptop back up to ABQ. It was hard to drive while being used as a giant plushie by a sleeping kitty. Speaking of giant plushies, I'll post a pic of my new bear soon. I dropped Jeil off and continued on home. I had a very pissed Skookum Kitty waiting for me. She had been cooped up for 4 days. I let her run wild in the back yard while I watered my garden. I finished off the evening with a nice long phone call to albear. I was exhausted and crashed hard.

BTW...The "furry" episode of "ER" will run on TNT on Oct 21. Set your vcr's.
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