Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Thank you

To everyone that sent condolences yesterday, thank you thank you thank you! You helped ease the pain by letting me know how many wonderful friends I have out there. I also realized that many of you had probably met Anubis either in a visit to Fur Central or at the 2 FC's where he made an appearance. In addition to that I had made many posts about our exploits together either chasing coyotes, dodging rattlesnakes, or simply the sad fact of not being able to go on walkies any more.

I said I was going to make a big memorial post, but I have decided to break that down into several smaller posts to commemorate his life. I have found so many wonderful pictures of him that I will need a little time to get them all scanned in.

I will just say as a prologue that I think Anubis lived a rich and happy life. I deeply regret that I was such a horrible dog owner early in his life in that I was cruel in my punishment. He endured many a beating when he was bad because I didn't know what the hell I was doing in terms of raising a dog. I have taken all that I had learned from that experience and have applied that to how I have been raising Mesa. In the year and half that we have been together, I have only given him one swat on the behind for not listening. I feel like such an "Alabama Man" for how I disciplined Anubis when he was such a destructive puppy. I hope he forgave me over the years as I tried to shower him with love and affection. In looking back at all of the places I took him and all of the adventures he went on, I can honestly say that he lived the life that most dogs could only dream about. He was such a wonderful traveling companion! He got to experience so much! I can take comfort in that fact.

So over the next few days expect 2-3 posts detailing 15 years of happiness and adventure. If you don't want to read stories about a boy and his dog, feel free to skip over it and find an interesting post about the latest exploits on Second Life. ;oP

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