Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Putting Some "Fun" in Funeral

Kitty and I are back from the Bay Area. Her mom's funeral was last Friday, and I got to play the role of supportive boyfriend. I had never been to a Buddhist service, so it was a learning experience for me. The weather for the burial was the epitome of suck. It was your classic "piss rain all day" type of weather. Bleh.

One of the things that must be done after someone dies is the sorting of the stuff. Fortunately Kitty's mom had just completed a move, so that the winnowing process had already taken place to some extent. I will refrain from making any racist statements about Japanese people and cameras, but lets just say that we went through boxes and boxes of photos, slides, and 8mm movies. Much of it will be making its way to FurCentral via UPS. We also brought back a suitcase full. Kitty has her work cut out for her in going through all of the stuff, but if I know her, she'll just get lazy and throw it back in boxes where it will sit for another few decades. I know I have said that I have been wanting to do something with all of the 8mm movies I inherited from my dad. I guess it was a good thing that I waited because the original plan was to transfer them to VHS. Now I can go right to DVD. *lol*

On Saturday we took a break from all of the family stuff and spent a lovely day in San Francisco with kaysho and kayotae. There was a beer festival going on, so we had a wonderful lunch at the Monk's Kettle Pub complete with lots of different beer. We then walked through the Mission District to a beer store where another event was taking place, but it was full of fail. It was a tiny place with almost no seating, and they didn't do a very good job coordinating their beer tasting. I got frustrated (and overheated) and left without beer. *sad face* We then took a tour of the city using public transportation. *facepaws* Their system needs a serious overhaul/upgrade. It did, however, get us around and up to Ghiradelli Square for some tasty ice cream which we enjoyed on the edge of the Bay.

I'm still torn on if I hate San Francisco or if I need to experience a little more of it. The touristy areas are, of course, extremely nice. The overall vibe I get from the city, however, is one of filth and bums. While I could walk around the streets of Manhattan and dig the feeling, I didn't get that in Frisco.

I should also mention that we drove past the new FC hotel. It looks pretty swank! Parking, however, will be a complete and total nightmare. Every time we drove past the Double Tree on the 101 or 87, I would go, "Cries!" Next year will be very interesting! One thing I will say is that there are LOTS of opportunities of guerrilla fursuiting! I am waiting for a dog/wolf to pose for a picture atop the statue found in the park near the hotel. It's supposed to be a coiled up snake, but it looks like a pile of something else. Kudos to the first suiter to get the pic!

I would also like to state that US Airways should go bankrupt and die. Sure, their pilots can land planes on rivers, but their customer service bites. Of course they have their usual $15/bag fee, which, granted, is still cheaper than shipping stuff, but they also charge $2 for a Coke and $1 for a cup of coffee. What really ticked us off was that they shrank their carry-on size by a few inches so that if you bought a bag that would just fit within the old limits, it is now too big. I argued with the clerk who told me my bag was too big because the wheels on the bottom touched the red line that marked the biggest size allowed. Oh, were any of the 1st class passengers made to check the size of their bags? Hell no! It wouldn't have been much of an issue, but we specifically packed the carry-on bag with fragile stuff so that we could control it. The good news was that everything seemed to have survived.
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