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Elephant Butt

O.K. it's Elephant Butte, but I love to call it that. That's where I spent all of yesterday, Elephant Butte Dam. It's the major dam on the Rio Grande about 130 miles south of ABQ. I don't control the releases from it, but I do the water accounting. I have been working here for over 4 years and had never been there. I got a tour of the entire facility by the office manager who knew the place inside and out. I love running around in the bowels of dams. This one is a lovely concrete structure built in 1916. They really knew how to build them back then.

Prepare yourself for uber-cuteness:

I finally talked to the theater manager yesterday. I am set to fursuit the premier of "Brother Bear" on November 1. *happy bear dance* She seems mega-enthused. I really have to meet her. She makes costumes! She said she made and wore a kangaroo for the premiere of "Kangaroo Jack" last year. closet furry?!?! One can hope! *grin*

It was a wonderfully cool evening last night so I opened the windows wide and put on Nevada. I chatted to a couple of furiends while in suit, the webcam going the whole time. I mentioned that I was in suit to ari_foxy who was on AOL and not Yahoo. I got a BRB message. 5 minutes later my doorbell rings. It's Ari demanding fuzzy polar bear hugs! It's nice to have a furiend less than a half mile away! I got to squick the neighbors as I stood in the middle of the street in suit as I said goodbye to him.
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