Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Memories of Anubis - Part IV: The Picture Post

Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since Anubis' passing. I wanted to make one final post with just several pictures of him during his life. With all of the death that seems to be happening, perhaps this will be a reminder to treasure the good times of all of our lives. Forget bad things and just remember the good, happy times we have all shared. So take a little puppy break from all of the shit and gloom that is going around. *hugs everyone*

I think this was the 1st pic I ever took of Anubis back in '94. The vet estimated that he was 3 months old.

Here's another very early pic of Anubis that may actually be the 1st I ever took, but he looks a little bigger here. It was definitely taken soon after I got him. I know because he hasn't chewed up his bed yet. BTW, he used that food bowl for his entire life.

Dogs and cats! Living together! Mass hysteria! Here's Anubis with my 1st cat Buster. They got along very well. Anubis also got along with Skookum as well as seen in the 2nd pic.

Here's a pic of my dad and Anubis on one of our road trips between ABQ and Chicago. Like I mentioned in a previous entry, every time we stopped, Anubis' first thought was "let's play stick!"


Anubis "getting some" from the neighbor dog. Note the male Springer in the background saying, "Hey, man! Dat be my bitch!"

And now just a few of my favorites

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