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Walking the dog with a fox

I know I hate these quiz things, but I thought I would give this one a try.

tygercowboy 65%
cargoweasel 56%
merashallan 45%
butterscotchvix 44%
rockwolf 35%
perro 29%
swift_fox 26%
wabbitcalif 22%
coongt 21%
avenginglioness 20%
cojirofox 16%
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I spent a nice evening last night with ari_foxy. He came over last night and accompanied me on my nightly walk with Anubis. It was nice to have someone to yerf with while walking along. Anubis got jealous, however, and demanded that I throw sticks for him. It's a great time of year where the temperature is perfect and the walk ends just as the sun sets behind the volcanoes to the west. We got back to the bear den and just continued to talk on the patio as Anubis chased Skookum around the yard. Skookum had spent the whole day outside and had killed herself what I will call a rat. I have to look it up, but it was a very large rodent. She is a little killing machine. I don't know how many birds and lizards I have found around the house.

I hope to do some fursuiting tomorrow at Wildlife West. I'll post the report tomorrow.
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