Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

African Dreams- pt. 6- "For the Birds"

This should conclude my trip down memory lane. I know there are some bird watchers and other friends of avians on my list, so I thought they might appreciate this.

As I mentioned earlier I did this trip with my friend who was an avid birder. He even started a sideline business conducting bird watching tours of the Southwest. His website can be found HERE. I really gained an appreciation for our fine feathered friends. There were just so many beautiful colorful birds out there!

Here's another one of my most favorite pictures from the trip. A lilac-breasted roller.

It's ZaZu! A yellow-billed hornbill

And his cousin the red-billed

The white-fronted bee eater

Carmine bee eaters. It was fun to watch them catch huge bees and wasps and then beat their brains in on a branch before devouring them.

It just wouldn't be Africa without ostriches!

The pale-chanting goshawk

Fish eagle

Feeding frenzy! There must have been a bunch of fish in this one spot because birds were going crazy! There were pelicans, storks, and cranes all having a great time filling their bellies. The big black birds are marabou storks. At one point we witnessed the storks eating carrion. I guess they have similar feeding habits as vultures. When I asked my friend if that was typical, his response was, "You don't get that ugly eating salad."

There was another bird that I didn't get a picture of which completely fascinated me. It was called a honey guide. If it saw a human, it would attract your attention and try to lead you to a known bee hive. Over the centuries of living with man, it knew that frequently humans liked honey and would destroy wild hives. While the humans collected the honey, the birds would eat the larvae. I thought that was a pretty interesting symbiotic relationship.

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