Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

AIG Seppuku

So Senator Charles Grassley (R) said the following today regarding the a$$h0l3s at AIG who paid themselves nice bonuses while running the company into the ground and sucking on the federal teat to bail themselves out:
"I suggest, you know, obviously, maybe they ought to be removed, "But I would suggest the first thing that would make me feel a little bit better toward them if they'd follow the Japanese example and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say, I'm sorry, and then either do one of two things: resign or go commit suicide.

"And in the case of the Japanese, they usually commit suicide before they make any apology."

Finally! A Republican I can agree with! I'm sure someone will ask for an apology for such a horrible statement. I certainly hope not! We finally have a politician echoing the sentiment of the vast majority of the American public! What I found interesting were all of the comments that were posted to CNN regarding this story. It's amazing how different people respond to the same statement.

There are the Democrats who ask why the Republicans weren't saying this for the past 8 years. (and who question the advocacy of suicide from such a "pro-life" party)

There are the Republicans who chastise the Democrats for allowing the bailouts to happen.

There are the do-gooders that say that harsh statements like these shouldn't be made.

There are the ultra-do-gooders who think that suicide should not be mentioned in a joking manner.

I'm surprised Japanese-Americans are not offended by the mentioning of suicide in their culture.

Why don't we just stick to the point that corporate America has no shame in the raping and pillaging of economy. There should be shame. There should be regulation. We should get back to the basics and everyone should EARN their money. We need to get back to the days where 10% was a good return and that corporations shouldn't strive to force 20-30% returns at the expense of workers or the overall health of the economy!

So thank you for saying this Senator Grassley. You have voiced the feelings of many Americans. Now practice what you preach and go after all fat cats who are doing no service to this country.
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