Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"Mouse in Manhattan"

A couple of nights ago Kitty and I were on our respective computers. Kitty made a request that I put on some tunes since my desktop has the entire ripped music library. She made a request for something more in the classical vein, so I popped on some Gershwin. During "American in Paris" my mind drifted off to an old Tom and Jerry cartoon that I remembered had a very Gershwin-esque soundtrack. A couple a seconds later I was on YouTube and a couple of seconds after that I had re-discovered one of my favorite T&J cartoons, "Mouse in Manhattan." There's no slapstick chasing between the 2. It's just Jerry the country mouse experiencing the wonders and perils of the big city. To me it's a very "adult" theme since the portrait of New York that it paints is very much what an adult would experience on their first trip to the bright lights and big city. So here it is. Enjoy it if you have the time. It's just over 7 minutes in length. Hey! It's classic furry!

Note: Yes, during the Times Square and Grand Central scenes I did say my now classic line," Hey! I fursuited there!"
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