Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Musical Bear

I have always loved music. I collected albums through college and graduated to cds in the late 80's. I have only just recently embraced the digital music phenomenon.

I seem to go in fits and starts when it comes to buying music. Something will come along that will make me want to run out and buy a bunch of albums/cds. I remember living in Yakima, WA which was a wasteland of music even though the grunge scene was going gangbusters only 100 miles away. My outlet to new music at the time was MTV. *lol* Hard to believe, eh? The one glimmering star was the show "120 Minutes" which aired at midnight on Sundays. There they would play videos by up-and-coming bands as well as classics by groups you may have never heard of. I actually made many mix tapes by recording the audio portion of the show onto cassettes. Those were my traveling tapes. I listened to them over and over well into the time I moved to Yuma. The era finally ended when the show was pulled.

In Yuma things were horrible until the advent of "The Tree." It was a station from Mexico that played all kinds of alternative and punk completely unedited! I called them "the tree" because their frequency was 98.3, but they always pronounced "three" as "tree." The last time I was Yuma several years ago they had unfortunately switched their format to latino gangsta rap.

Currently I have XM which keeps me abreast of all of the new music out there. Surprisingly there's music that's being produced that still appeals to the old bear. I can do without the screamo emo stuff, though.

I am currently trying to recreate all of my 120 Minutes mixes by downloading all of the songs that I only have on tape. It's been a fun undertaking. I'm even surprised that some of the songs I recorded (and that MTV played) are so obscure that they can't even be found online. I guess I have that smug music snob attitude of "I knew them before they were cool!" but also I love to see obscure bands with a lot of talent get known, to stick it to the corporate shitheads who promote crap just to make the almighty dollar. Oh, but I also have a soft spot for some of the bubblegum crap that gets played as well. Everyone has their guilty pleasures.
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