Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Few Photos

As promised. Here's a pic of the new garden wall and the freshly planted garden. Hopefully I'll be posting progress pics as the season progresses.

Secondly, here's a pic of some sphinx moths that congregated on the patio a couple of days ago. Normally I might see one or 2, but on this night there were well over a dozen. They were probably all excited about the new tomato plants and were laying eggs which will later become hornworms.

And lastly there is a bar called "The Silver Fox" that I pass every evening on my way home. It was next to a no-tell motel that was a de facto halfway house for sex offenders until the city found out, condemned it, and tore it down. I never checked out the bar because it always looked like a dive, but they posted a menu outside which made it look like they actually had some decent food. *shrugs* I will never find out because it looks like the place is closed down. Perhaps they will remodel and re-open, but the place could also be torn down to free up the entire block for new development. The building had a very cute anthro-fox painting on one side. I figured I had better photograph it in case it goes away.

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