Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Hey Otto! Sign Ny Face!

I had a gig as Otto Otter up in Santa Fe today. Like my previous gigs, this was for a children's water festival. The gig was in the new convention center which was very spiff. The only bad part was that there was no headless lounge for me since all of the meeting rooms were taken. I ended up hanging out in the staff area in back of the rooms, kinda like the serviceways at con hotels.

The gig was great! The kids were really enthusiastic and playful. There were a few tail pullers and head bangers, but the teachers were told ahead of time to not let their classes abuse the mascot. For the most part, that worked. I did notice, however, that Otto's tail is now just barely hanging on after only 5 or so gigs.

The most "fun" happened while the kids were eating lunch. I wandered out into the outdoor plaza and heard a whole chorus of "OTTO!" I prepared to be assaulted. They came at me from every direction all demanding high fives, fist bumps, hugs, etc. One kid produced a pen and said, "Would you autograph my shirt?" Sure! I signed "Otto." The next thing you knew EVERYONE HAD to have their shirt autographed. Then they asked for my phone number. What?!? I wrote 555-OTTO. I bet lots of kids are dialing that number tonight. Then someone asked if I could sign their arm. Ummmmm. OK. Then someone asked if I would sign their face. LOLWUT?! So I obliged. It was just a regular pen and it barely showed up, but I was officially declared as "cool" for doing it.

As I waited in the lobby to send the kids off on their buses, I crashed out on a sofa. It was so comfy I almost started to drift off. I could hear the dull rumble coming down the hall, but before I could sit up I heard the cries of "OTTO!" and was pounced by an entire class. The whole "Sign my____" started up again. I was surprised how accepting the kids were. Many were looking inside my head doing the tired old, "I can see you/There's a man in there" but yet they still wanted a hug. So all was good. I'll do a repeat performance tomorrow. Lawdy, I be tired!
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