Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Car Shopping: The Final Round

OK, overzen. STFU! I bought a friggin Honda!


So yes. There is a new Furmobile. It is a 2009 Honda Pilot EXL. The "L" is for leather interior. *murrr* It has everything I had wanted. It can go off-roadas well as being nice and luxurious with the leather interior, XM stereo, moon roof, power everything, etc. The Element was nice, but I wanted a little more. I must say that I handled the deal like a pro.

Once I decided on the Pilot, we got down to negotiations. The dealer opened with sticker price. I opened with dealer cost. Many thanks to duncandahusky for the website which lists that information and much more. It was invaluable! So now round 2 started. He countered with a better offer. I came up to dealer invoice. What he didn't know was that I knew that there was $1500 factory-to-dealer cash available. As he went to get yet another counter offer I told Kitty that if this was a game of poker, I would now put all of my cards on the table and give him my final offer. He came back with an offer that was getting better, but still not great. I whipped out my printouts from as well as info from I told him I knew about the factory cash. I knew what the invoice cost was as well as his cost. I spelled everything out and told him that this was my final offer. He retreated to his manager's office. Within 5 minutes he was back telling me that I was now the owner of a Pilot. Score!

He told me I had played the game splendidly. I knew the costs and I knew the hidden deals. My cost came in right where it should have been according to the national average. So everyone was happy. I paid a price which I could live with. He came away with a fair profit and one less vehicle on the lot. I also now have an incredibly sweet ride that I can hopefully live with and love for the next 10 years.
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