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Well! This certainly has been an interesting couple of days! This is the continuing saga of the Rio Chama and all of the drama that has ensued!

When we last left our beloved hydrobear, he was about to start a release from El Vado Dam at a level not seen since 1973. Such a release was made and plans were hatched to photo-document the results. It was decided to put the bear into a helicopter on Saturday morning to fly the river to see the ramifications.

And so on Saturday morning I flew from ABQ up to El Vado Reservoir and back shooting about 400 pictures along the way. From a hydrologist's point of view, it was awesome to see a river in flood with years on sediment being scoured out as well as choking debris all heading downstream. There were a few points of concern but those were largely unaffected. One campground had water touch the bottom of a cabin. A bridge that was assumed to be a choke point proved to not even be close to being so. A monastery close to the river was also unaffected (although I am rumored to have aborted dozens of goslings whose nests and eggs were washed away.) The biggest problem appears to have been a fucktard rancher who tried to drive across a flooded stretch of road and got his/her vehicle stuck. From pictures I have seen he/she doesn't know the first thing about off-road driving since the water was only about a foot deep, if that. Of course, this idiot made a stink to everyone from me to probably President Obama.

On Sunday we took the new Furmobile up to the river to see how things were on the ground. All in all everything seemed to be just fine. I was pleased how well everything went. It was a lovely Spring day, and Kitty and I had a wonderful time breaking in the new vehicle including a little off-roading which it handled very well.

Today, however, doodoo hit the fan at work. My boss, who was absent on Friday, was all up in arms that she was not kept in the loop. She acted as if we had caused the dam to break. She blustered about the office saying how terrible things had gone and that there will be dire ramifications down the road. Yeah, right. When the 4 managers above her all concurred on the action to be taken, I think she really needs to take a chill pill. You just KNOW that she's butt-hurt because no one really cared what she might have thought. *LOL* You're not in the office, baby, too bad!

I presented my findings today and stomped on a few brush fires. It was then time to pack up the otter costume and get the hell out of Dodge. I am currently in Carlsbad where there are 2 days of children's water festivals to attend. It will then be up to the lovely *coughs* city of Artesia for one more festival. It feels great to be away from the clusterfuck that is probably going on in the office. I told my supervisor that I felt that our boss would not hesitate a second to throw us under the bus. He was aware of the situation so hopefully the shit won't be piled too high when I return to the office on Friday.

Oh yeah! How about some pics!

What does 45,000 gallons per second look like? A lot like THIS!

El Vado Reservoir. Nice and full!

Rio Chama Canyon

More Rio Chama Canyon

Georgia O'Keefe country!

Herd of elk in the Valle Grande

Something for plushlover
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