Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Desert Otter

I had my first gig as Otto Otter here in Carlsbad today. Overall the gig went very well. It's funny how the kids first react when I greet them as they're getting off the bus. I can sense that many of them have an "Oh look! It's a loser in an otter costume!" attitude. But as the day wears on and I interact with them, they start to warm up. By the time they're getting back on their buses, they're saying how awesome I was and I'm surrounded for hugs and high fives. It's great to hear a school bus full of kids yelling, "Bye, Otto!" as they drive away.

The best schtick of the day was at lunch when a kid stayed in back of me and mimicked my movements. Hey! That's a mascot-only schtick! It was getting good laughs from his classmates, so I moved over to a place where I could see myself in a window. Now I was making movements directly opposite to what he was doing. By the time he mimicked me, I had already shifted to another position. This got roars of laughter from his classmates.

The best comments I heard today were, "I wish I had a tail like yours!" and " I wish I had an otter suit!" I'll have to watch the NM_Furry list in about 8-9 years for a new fur in Carlsbad.

After the gig I went with my co-worker to a well site to check out some work that was being done with gov't money. After that it was still early, so we decided to check out Sitting Bull Falls. I have heard about this place and have seen it on a map, but that's about it. It's miles off the highway, and you REALLY have to want to go see it. We decided to check it out. Wow. What an interesting place! You drive for miles and miles through hot, dry desert into a hot dry canyon. Suddenly the vegetation changes and there's actually flowing water! A walk up the canyon reveals a 100'+ tall waterfall dripping into a lush riparian forest. We hiked to the top and saw pools 6-10' deep! All of this is spring fed. The whole area is underlain by caves. Carlsbad Caverns is probably less than 10 miles away. It was a neat little area.

And now I'm relaxing with a 40. Tomorrow is another gig.

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