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Monday Catch-Up

Wow. I pretty much stayed away from my computer all weekend. I have a lot of LJ to catch up with! After last week's fursuiting marathon as Otto, I just wanted to have a weekend of doing nothing. I fail at doing nothing!

On Saturday it started off nice an mellow with Kitty and me watching "Atonement." This thing was nominated for HOW many Oscars?!? No wonder it won jack shit. Bleh. It was then time to do little chores around the house until Kitty's performance with the Civic Chorus. It was a nice concert. It was pretty late by the time we got home, so we just crashed.

On Sunday we met with chucklemagne, thechick, and their dog Powder for a little breakfast celebration to commemorate Mesa's 2nd "Found Day." There will be a post about that tomorrow. The weather on Sunday morning was absolutely perfect. We all enjoyed sitting on the patio of Flying Star with tasty food and great companionship.

Back at Fur Central I noticed that the carpet had begun to smell of pee again. Now whether Mesa had an accident or it was just warm weather bringing memories of Anubis back to our olfactory senses I don't know. I cleaned most everything out of the living room and gave the rug a good shampooing. By the time it was dry and everything was put back, the day was pretty much shot. See! So much for relaxing and doing nothing!

I should also mention that I did a little work in the garden. So far it too has been full of fail. In addition to the eggplant I lost a few weeks ago, we have also lost a few peppers, mainly the jalapenos. I had thought that perhaps they had been over-watered. I also noticed that neither the watermelon, zucchini, nor cucumbers had sprouted. Hmmmm. The seeds were old. Perhaps I should go get some fresh ones. When I dug down into the soil I was surprised to find it bone dry! WTF?!? I water it every day! It seems that the new soil is extremely porous! Damnit! So I have begun to water the heck out of everything. I know the plants have enough when water pools on the surface. Hopefully that will take care of things. We'll see if things germinate by next weekend.
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