Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Another Ornithology Post

I partook in one of my favorite summertime activities this morning. I sat on the patio. A cup of coffee would have made it perfect, but Kitty and I had plans to go out to breakfast a little later. I just sat there and soaked up all of the nature around me. One of the things that I noticed was that most of the birds must have "gotten busy" about a month ago. There were fledgelings EVERYWHERE! First there was the speckled robin. He would hop a few steps and then trip over his own claws. Then there was mama curved-billed thrasher who stole dog food from Mesa's bowl and carried it to the waiting beak of her hungry youngster. I had mentioned Squawky the Gambel's quail in my last post. Well, Squawky now has a family. He brought his mate and 4 chicks into the yard this morning. There was also a couple of uncles and a nephew as well. It looks like the Gambels are REALLY establishing themselves here! I caught a glimpse of a bright yellow bird as well. Perhaps it was a gold finch.

In other nature news I should mention that Mesa took on a couple of coyotes yesterday. The first one was right in back of the house. He went tearing down the mesa after it and eventually pounced it. There was a quick flurry of barks, growls, and snaps before both went their separate ways. A little later he caught sight of another one and went after it. This time the coyote had mad eluding skills. Just as Mesa would close in, the yote would zig and zag on a dime. Mesa got bored and ran back to me when called. And that's the news from the wilds of NM!
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