Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

My Little "Chill Window"

Sabot!  You're at a con! WTF are you doing posting?!?  I like to call this my little chill window.  I just got back from the fursuit parade....
and I thought I would chill out for an hour or so with a beer and some LJ.

So far the con has been very nice.  I did a little guerrilla fursuiting last night with Fox Cub and Scritchwuff.  There was a tightrope walker walking across the Allegheny River a few blocks away so we thought we would hit that.  The folks loved us!  I got pulled into an art gallery since it was named "The Rabbit Hole" and I was wearing Honey Bunny.  They loved me as I danced to David Bowie's "Let's Dance."  THAT'S what fursuiting is all about, boys and girls!

I should also mention that I DID bring out Pedobear on Thursday night.  OMG!  People went nuts!  I passed out lots of free candy and posed for LOTS of pics.  I'm thinking of bringing him out again tonight after the fireworks show.

Quewe hasn't been out yet. I'm thinking about taking him out tomorrow.  I'd love to suit at the Convention Center, but it would be a bitch to carry him all the way over there.  I'll probably just stroll around the hotel tomorow. has been a good convention up to this point.  I'm glad I came.  I've hung out with some very cool people and have just enjoyed myself.  I'll have to come back next year.

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