Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Workin' for the Weekend

A co-worker and I were discussing how it sucks getting old. We both had fond memories of having the vehicle all packed and ready on Friday afternoon so that as soon as we were done with work, we would be heading up into the mountains for a weekend full of outdoor adventure. Nowadays we look forward to the weekend so that we can just do nothing. Sleeping in sounds sooooo good! Of course for me "sleeping in" means I get to stay in bed until maybe 8. A dog needs to be let out, and I would rather sit outside with a cup of coffee as opposed to laying in bed.

This weekend ended up being a nice full one. The fun started on Saturday where there was a party at chucklemagne and thechick's house. The theme was "Mad scientist luau, so I wore a lab coat with leis. It was nice to just kick back with some brews on the patio and yerf with friends. I must say that the highlight of the evening happened when a small thunderstorm rolled over. I went inside to grab some food. When I returned I found that rather than coming inside to beat the rain, everyone had just stripped naked. Who am I to argue? It was amusing to see other party guests come to the patio window to see what was going on and be greeted with a sight of a bunch of naked people just milling around, talking and drinking. Good times!

Sunday was also a fun-filled day. scritchwuff needed to do a little work on his boat down at Elephant Butte Reservoir, so we tagged along. Once the motor was fixed we went for a cruise around the lake. Temps may have been around 100, but it sure didn't feel that way out on the water. A nice refreshing swim also helped as did a cooler full of beer and soda. Afternoon thunderstorms made us retreat to the shore, but not until we had had a full afternoon.

I think I'll put together a furry camping trip for next weekend. Let's see if I can recapture a little bit of that youth in planning a trip up to the mountains.
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