Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


In case you missed it, there was more furry shitfuckery/douchebaggery the other day that made it into the media.
Here is the link to the news article:

Now I can understand all kinds of weird sexual fetishes, but to either fantasize about biting off someone's willy or to fantasize about someone biting off yours, that's really pushing it for me. I can even understand castration fantasies, but to take a fantasy/fetish as far as these 2 almost did, that's just plain wrong! Like I commented in someone else's journal who linked this story, "Don't stick your dick in crazy! You might not get it back!"

The awesome conclusion to the story was that I commented that someone should create an LJ community for folks who want to eat some weenie or have their weenie eaten. Many thanks to balloonfox who took my suggestion and created eat_ur_sheath. So join, break out the mustard and relish, and bon appetit.
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