Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Camping "09

This past weekend I decided to get off my big bear butt and go do some camping. I was accompanied by scritchwuff and gamegoth(Miracle). We headed up to a spot in the Jemez Mts that I was familiar with. It was above 9000' and a relatively easy drive. It was also at the top of a mesa, so there were lots of flat spots for campsites. It was basically a camping trip where we would set up camp, drink beer, shoot guns, and just have a relaxing time. Of course Scritch had to break out the tannerite and we blew a 4' high tree stump into oblivion. We hiked around a little, but it was mainly just a lazy trip.

Storms blew in in the evening. It would rain on-and-off constantly. We didn't mind. We had beer! The closest the lightning got was just under a mile away. We dove into the truck when that one hit leaving Miracle to fend for himself since he was asleep in the tent.

The next morning we just took our time having a nice breakfast. We decided to pack up early which was a good move since it started to rain just after we had put the last bit of camping supplies into the vehicle. Since it was still early we took the long way out to explore some of the roads. Weather was kind of sucky and we even ran into a hail storm. We did manage to find an elusive waterfall that I had flown over in a helicopter back in May. I had taken a GPS waypoint position, but I was not sure how good it was since we were flying at about 100 MPH. It's a very pretty spot and will warrant another visit in the future.

The weather gave me another little shock last night. Kitty and I were sitting out on the patio when I noticed some pretty intense lightning flashes off to the northwest. Since she had her laptop with her I asked her to pull up the NWS website. There was a nice red blob on the radar heading right for us. We battened down the hatches and waited the storm's arrival. It put on a pretty impressive light show! There was one incredibly bright streak of cloud-to-ground. When I counted the thunder it was STILL over a mile away. That told me that it was not a storm to mess around with, and I retreated inside. A little while later there was a flash/boom which set off our car alarms. I feared that there would be a sandslide coming off the mesa into the back yard, but the intense rain only lasted for about 5 minutes. I REALLY need to get back there and dig my diversion channel.

I'll leave you with a couple of pics:
Scritch + bacon = NOM NOM NOM! That was bacon for 3 of us.

Great horny toads!

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