Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

In Loving Memory

I received a massive shock yesterday when I read that my dear friend, ursuscal, passed away suddenly over the weekend. I knew he was having some health issues, but it seems he just dozed off and never woke up. His death has hit me harder than most furs that have died recently because he was one of the few that I actually got to know. When he was going through an emotionally rough spot a few months ago, I gave him a call and we chatted for a long time. He had endured the loss of his wife a few years ago, the death of a son very recently, and he battled with many emotional demons. I just wanted to tell a few stories of the couple of times I visited him where he showed me the type of hospitality I always try to show guests of Fur Central.

We met online in '02 soon after I discovered the fandom. I think we met on where he was always the target of trolls. His 15 minutes of fame on the infamous "Anna in Wonderland" earned him the scorn of many furs. He came across as a total furry tard. He later told me that the hostess was actually very nice and really interested in furry. It was in the editing process where they turned something funny into something creepy. He and Wabbit really loved the fandom and got into it. Their love and openness (especially in the sexual aspects) were the fodder of the Burned Furs. One of the infamous spoofs of the fandom done by Keller(?) a.k.a. Furryfans, made fun of them. Think what you may, they were good, loving people. They were furry to the core.

Ursus made no bones about the fact that he loved to yiff. This was quite frankly one of the reasons that attracted me to him. He was very sexually liberated and he caught me at a time in my life when I was exploring sexual avenues that had been closed to me for my entire life. In November of 2003 I decided to do a massive road trip to the Northwest to visit some old friends. I would definitely include a stop in Sacramento to visit him and Wabbit. Their relationship was very open, kinda like mine with Kitty. He could fool around with all the boys, but she just needed to know who and when. When I arrived at his house, he greeted me at the door buck nekkid. I knew this was going to be a fun trip! I moved all of my stuff into the house including a few fursuits. I was very happy to take his fursuit virginity that day. He was just SO excited to be able to put on a bear suit for the very first time! His other houseguest, who would later become his mate, also put on a suit, and the 3 of us cavorted around the neighborhood. The next day we would stumble upon a Veteran's Day parade and we guerrilla fursuited it. He was definitely bitten by the fursuiting bug!

We shared a few days together before I headed up to Portland to continue my road trip. Looking back in LJ I now remember that I stayed an extra day because he had been having so much fun. Yes, I'll also freely admit that he yiffed my brains out during that time. We explored a lot of sexual kinks to which I will be forever grateful. I look back on those days very fondly.

I stopped by again a few years later as I made my way to FC in '06. We spent a lot of time just soaking in his hot tub. He had successfully battled his demons with alcohol by this time despite enduring the pain of losing his wife. He seemed to have found happiness again with his "new" mate. I'd like to think that I helped encourage him to give the fandom a try again and attend the con. I'm not sure if he had a good time or not, but he at least got back on that horse as well.

So I shall miss you greatly, dear friend. I had actually thought about looking for jobs in the Sacramento area because of you. We have an office up there that always seems to be looking for hydrologists. That prospect now looks a lot less attractive.
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