Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Labor of Love

Having been "on the go" for most of the past several weekends, it was decided that this would be a long weekend of nothing. We had no plans. We didn't want to see any movies in the theaters (ok, so we wanted to see "D9" or "Inglorious Basterds" but would not cry if we didn't go.) All we had to do was kick back and watch some Netflix, relax, and not worry about anything. About the only thing on our "to do" list outside of laundry, cooking, and dishes, was to go grocery shopping. On the way home from the grocery store today we decided to swing buy a local produce market and once again engage in a traditional New Mexican ritual; we bought a 40 lb bag of green chile, had it roasted, and took it home to process it. It's a long tedious process, but if you set aside the time, get yourself mentally and physically prepared, and maintain a proper mindset, it can be a wonderful experience.

This year I loaded up the fridge with a 6-pack of Moosehead. I also loaded up the cd changer with "Nude on the Moon: A B-52s Anthology" (2-cd set), Cake's "Fashion Nugget," and Beck's "Odelay." Kitty was in charge of the peeling while I did the cutting, weighing, and bagging. We used the ice-water method like last year where we plunged the still-hot chile into an ice-water bath which caused the roasted skin to just fall right off. We chatted, I drank, we grooved to tunes, we laughed about our tingling fingers, and generally had a great day. By the time we finished some 4 hours after starting, we ended up with 58 5-oz bags, or 290 oz, or roughly 18 pounds of fresh New Mexico green chile, ready to be made into soups, stews, casseroles, or just plopped onto a cheeseburger. It's one of those lovely local rites of passage that makes us feel like part of the local culture. That and it's just so damn tasty!
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