Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Little Catching Up

I had another gig as Otto on Friday. The kids were good once again. I almost turned into Pedobear as a little boy just glomped me and wouldn't let go. I just wanted to turn into a plushie at that moment. The high school kids were also a lot of fun that day. A group of them came running over during their gym class wanting hugs. They also tried to give me hip-hop dancing lessons. *LOL* It does a performer good to hear, "You're cool!" Yay! I'm doing it right!

Another organization brought out their "mascot" that day. It was a stonefly. Yes! You too can be an aquatic macroinvertibrate! Murr purr! Would that make them a chitiny? I heard from a co-worker who was presenting a lesson to the kids that she pissed him off because she just walked into the class and interrupted. Not cool! I always made myself scarce as to not disturb lessons.

Balloon Fiesta began this weekend. Neither of wanted to face the crowds so we just stayed at home. Besides, this is Albuquerque! I see balloons every day. Saturday was no exception as 3 came right over the house by less than 100'. Fortunately Mesa didn't give a damn unlike Anubis who used to go into barking/howling fits. The rest of the day was pretty mellow with just me cooking up some green chile chicken enchiladas and a pot of green chile stew.

About the only other interesting thing that day was my attempt to photograph the full moon rising over the Sandias. I used an astronomical calendar program to figure out the time, but of course the mountains add several minutes to the correct time. Just as I had everything set up including tripod, nature decided to kick up a windstorm. I was cursing furiously as the camera started vibrating violently. One gust nearly blew it completely over. The Moon rose beautifully, however, and I experimented with various exposures to get the best pics. This is what I came up with:

Sunday was a day of spontaneity. Kitty noticed that they had a special Sunday schedule for the RailRunner, so we decided to hop on the train and spend a day in Santa Fe. Here the train has been operating for almost 3 years (not that long to Santa Fe) and I had YET to take it! Some railfan I am! *lol* Wow! What a wonderful experience! Usually the drive is horrendous and stressful. Not the case at all on the train! It's also a huge bargain at $6 for a trip of almost 60 miles! We spent a few hours walking through the new history museum (which was free for NM residents on Sunday!) Kitty treated me to a nice burrito for lunch and we just sat back enjoying our food under the gorgeous New Mexico sky with temps in the 70's. It really doesn't get much better than that.

Oh yeah. One more thing. A few posts back I asked about furry album covers. I found another one today! It's from Mathew Good who has been getting quite a bit of airplay on XM's The Verge. I'll put it behind a cut so I don't get any whining. *snickers*


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