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"WTWTA" --- review

We just HAD to be the first to see "Where the Wild Things Are." Hopefully there are no spoilers in here, but it's pretty hard to reveal any secrets you wouldn't already know if you ever read the book as a child.

First, the movie earns many bonus points for being about as "un-Hollywood" as you can get. I was shocked and saddened to have read that Warner Bros. was going to can this version and make a huge-budget CGI epic. Spike Jonez is a fantastic director, and this project in his hands worked beautifully! It's a very subtle tale that pulls you in gradually and lovingly. There was a complaint that the fursuits detracted from the movie because "guys in suits" don't look as good as high-tech CGI. This is the farthest from the truth! It adds such a warm touch to the movie. The suits are absolutely gorgeous, BTW, and the puppetry is nothing short of amazing! There may be some CGI here and there (so I have heard) but the Wild Things easily conveyed the full set of emotions in wonderful detail.

One review compared this movie to "The Wizard of Oz" in that he felt it would bomb at the box office just like "WofO" did, but eventually become a classic. I hope he is wrong in that I hope the film does very well which would send a message to Hollywood that films like this CAN succeed! I guess I can also see the comparison to "WofO" in that both movies involve pure fantasy where the worlds are created in the heads of the protagonists. It took several viewings as a child to figure out that Dorothy's fantasy world is based on characters from her real life. At first I was furious to learn that the whole thing was only in her head, but after awhile I could appreciate the subtly of everything that happened to her. The same thing is true in this movie. If you put yourself in the mind of a 10-year-old, you can see that everything fits perfectly! You soooo want 2 of the Wild Things to fall in love at the end. It doesn't happen because what would a 10-year-old know about love?!? Girls can be friends, but they're icky! That subtlety is captured beautifully in the movie! Had Hollywood regulars gotten ahold of the flick, you just KNOW that there would be a love scene at the end.

Another reviewer commented that the Wild Things were too neurotic/emo. Well, think about it! Who did Max see on a regular basis which was hinted about in one scene? His sister and her high school friends! Who else would he base his mind's characters on but people he was familiar with? High school kids are not emo and neurotic?!?

I will also warn you that if you cried at the end of "Return of the King" when Frodo sailed out to sea, you will be BAWLING at the end of this film as Max sails back home. It's one of the most touching scenes I have seen in a long time.

And now the furry review.

You will be murr-purring at the furpile scene. If you are a paw-slut, you will be drooling as Max wakes up next to a huge set of furry paws. And if you are a vorephile, there is a scene that will have you feeling just like you did in gym class when they made you climb the rope. I'm just saying!! ;oP

Oh, and it's perfect that I saw this movie today. Everyone will soon be wanting a Max wolf sleeper. When I got home there was a package waiting for me from Hannah's Pajamas. I now have an ultra-comfy, super-awesome dragon sleeper. I hope I have dreams tonight like Max and spend many happy moments with the Wild Things.
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