Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Drunk Bear is drunk

Not much happened over the weekend. We did see Cirque Dreams "Illumination." It was "meh" in my book. I have seen other shows full of acrobats and contortionists so this was nothing new. There was shit going on all over the stage so it was hard to concentrate on the main part of the act. A few acts fell very short and an audience participation act went on for waaaaay too long. Oh well. It was our cultural exposure for the month.

After the chores were done I settled down to watch Da Bears (ugh!). I was feeling nicely mellow when told Kitty that I was going to have another round of drinks. Be prepared for drunk bear. So I had a couple more martinis watching the Bears blow it. When the game was over I headed upstairs. I remember going on to the computer, but I couldn't remember what I did. Obviously I went on LJ. *lol* I got an email from a friend wondering why I so snarky. Huh? *checks post* Oh yeah. Did I type that? You would think that after 6 years I would learn not to drunk post/comment. So if I left an esoteric (read: stupid or nonsensical) comment on your LJ last night, there's why.
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